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Temporary worker
As well as providing cover for sickness, holidays and peak workloads, temporary and contract workers can be used to carry out special projects requiring specific skills. In addition, where an organisation is unsure  whether an increase in business / work levels will be sustained, temporary placements are ideal for headcount management and budgetary control. The fee you pay Riverside Recruitment for a temporary worker is made up of the worker's basic salary plus a percentage, or margin, placed on top of that to cover the agency's cost. 
We are legally bound to pay the minimum wage will make statutory deductions such as National Insurance, PAYE and SSP. The rate you pay will depend largely on the role you are recruiting for, and Riverside Recruitment will work with you explaining market conditions, skills availability and the method by which we will attract and pre-select suitable candidates.
Our basic vision and values have been built on transparency with our clients and offering specifically job-matched candidates to ensure an honest cultural fit.
Temp to perm fees
This solution offers flexibility and the opportunity to trial a candidate within the working environment prior to offering direct employment. 

Initially the worker is on a temporary contract via Riverside Recruitment and then after an agreed period they transfer over to you (our client) for direct employment.
Riverside Recruitment’s temp to perm fee can vary, depending on the initial period, the nature of the transfer and the relationship with the client.
On occasions there is an “Extended Period of Hire” and in this scenario, the worker continues to be employed by Riverside Recruitment for a pre-determined fixed period of time and after this point they transfer over.
Permanent placement fees
At Riverside Recruitment our permanent solution has been designed so that we manage the recruitment process from start to finish.
Our aim, whether recruiting for one or ten positions, is to reduce your cost per hire, reduce the risk involved and to finish the recruitment process with the best possible candidate for the job.
We have a large database of candidates, both active and passive and as the area’s leading independent agency we have a natural flow of new candidate registrations daily. Our advertising methods include networking, referral, print and online mediums althoughthe latter has become more common and indeed more successful in recent years.
Our recruitment process is as follows:
Human resource planning and consultation
Identifying and analysing the workforce needs of an organisation in relation to corporate objectives, vision and growth targets

Defining the need
job description and personal specification
This sequence is broken down to:
Job Analysis
Job Description
Person Specification

Attracting the candidates
Internal and external advertising
Word of mouth and referrals
Online marketing
Existing relationship with candidates

Assessing the candidates
This is the stage where we assess the skills and general aptitude of candidates to ensure credibility and accuracy.
Interviews often form part of this process with tangible skills being tested                          
- Competency-based testing
- Role-plays
- Presentations
- In-tray exercises

 The selection process
This process manages the information collated. Good practice ensures that the process is without prejudice and all Riverside Recruitment consultants are REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) qualified and are committed to CPD (continued professional development) 




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